Archive | May, 2011

Project: Small Travel Bag

I travel a lot, it seems. Many weekends I travel to see El Guapo, my main squeeze–and the packing can get tedious. To streamline the process (efficiency is kinda my thing), I like to pack bags within bags. You know, in case you need to grab a gaggle of things and only have one hand […]

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Strawaberry Pie

When I was growing up I was convinced that those little red berries with the seeds on the outside were said (and spelled) “strawaberry.” Wrong. But then, I was also the kid who thought that “sponge” was pronounced “spong” (rhymes with “bong”) and that “wad” rhymed with “rad.” Anyway, it’s strawaberry season! My best friend, […]

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Mom’s Old Fashioned Penis Cookies

My mother is one of the most innocent people I know. She thinks that a cock is a rooster and a dick is private eye. So when I tell you that she made erotic cookies for the Big Family Gathering one Christmas, you’ve got to understand that she had no idea that those weren’t candles […]

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