Project: Cowl 1 — Crocheted

Now that you know the do’s and don’ts of cowl-wearing, it’s time to get a cowl.

By “get a cowl” I, of course, mean “make a cowl.”

My thoughts are that if you can make something cheaper and better than you can buy it, why not? Plus there’s all that customizing you can do to it, too. Sounds like 3 reasons why you should make a cowl.

One thought, before we start.

Does the word “cowl” seem odd to you? It does to me. The Nerd, one of my closest friends (and my IQ twin, I might add), agreed with me–he said that it sounds like a bovine screaming.

I’m almost embarrassed to say the word cowl–and I have no idea why. It doesn’t rhyme with anything dirty (don’t you feel a little weird saying the word “angina“?).

And doesn’t sound inherently dirty like jaculate,

from ranker

or like seaman,

from thirdage

or Wookie,

from annawrites

or bifurcate.

from wikimedia

It just sounds…disagreeable. It feels funny in my mouth.

I don’t mind typing it.

But I don’t like saying it.

Just so you’re aware.

So, here’s how you can make a simple crocheted cowl:


  • yarn
  • crochet hook
  • scissors
  • buttons

First–get some yarn. Make sure you like the color and that it feels soft against your skin. Trust me, wool may be warm, but you won’t wear a scratchy wool cowl more than once on a bare neck.

from wellsphere

I know–I made one, I wore it only once.

If you’re on a budget, I really enjoy the brand I Love This Yarn. It’s soft, comes in decent colors–and it’s about $3. Hellz yes.

from heatherxdawn

(this is not a paid endorsement for this brand. Hobby Lobby, if you’re reading this, maybe we could work something out?)

If you’re using I Love This Yarn you only need 1 skein–and you really don’t need the whole thing.

The other thing you need at this stage of the project is a crochet hook. I used  size G.

from vintagepurls

Oh, you also need to know how to crochet. I’m not going to teach you–go learn it on your own time. I’d recommend finding a book with lots of pictures or using your internet resources and video streaming capabilities. Or you could go here.  Also not a paid endorsement.

Ok, step 1. Get your yarn and crochet hook together.

Step 2, chain about 40 (however wide you want to make it),


step 3, turn and single crochet all the way back.

Step 4, half double crochet the next row. And the next. And the next.

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

from cynicjournal

(if you got that reference, I applaud you.)

Here’s a semi-close up of several rows of half-double crochet.

It’s got a very subtle striped feeling–more so than just a single or a double crochet. Also, I think that the end product of the half-double crochet is more supple and (maybe) even softer than the single or double. Somehow.

For this particular cowl, I got a little tired of doing line after line of half-double, so I did 5 rows of half-double crochet, then one row of double crochet, then 5 half-double, then 1 double, etc. Kept it fresh.

Do what you want, though.

Ok, once it’s the desired length (mine measured about 42 inches), step 5, do a half single stitch for the last row, then tie it off and incorporate the tail of the yarn into the body of the project.

Now you have a really attractive rectangle. To make it into a useful rectangle, you need to make loops and sew on buttons.

Step 6–loops. Single crochet loops onto 2 places on your cowl. You pick the places. I put one in the middle and one a quarter of the way  towards another end, leaving the other half of the cowl loop-free.


Make sure that the loops will fit around the button you selected, but aren’t too big and loose. Also, you want the loops to secure the button but not strangle it. Straining to fasten a button is not attractive. Really, straining to do anything is not attractive.

Step 7, Sew buttons on the opposite side of the cowl as the loops. Match them up to be even with the loops.

I pick buttons that looked like this:


Placement of loops and buttons:

End product:

Another view:

And….you’re done!

For your viewing pleasure (because you probably don’t want to read an identical post tomorrow), here’s a picture of anther cowl I crocheted. Same technique, different color yarn and buttons.

more of an early fall cowl color

suck it, martha.

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