Project: Shower Curtain

What is it that makes your shower special?

Some people say it’s the shower gel.

from sanfranciscosoapcompany

Others claim it’s the hot water.

from thedailygreen

Still others insist it’s that “special” shower head.

from showerfilterhome

Okay, maybe that shower head is special.

But I disagree with them all!

Friends, it’s all in the shower curtain.

If the shower curtain sucks, there’s no telling what havoc it can wreak on your cleansing adventure.

For me, the shower curtain is the first thing I see once I turn the lights on in the morning. Before I made this (terrific) new one, my shower curtain assaulted my eyes daily.

from modachromehome

That’ll wake you up.

Finally I’d had enough. So I took matters into my own hands.

I made a new one.

And here’s how I did it:

First, select some fabric that you won’t mind glaring at first thing in the morning. I chose a stripey one for the main fabric (we’ll call it F1), a greyish-cream one for the complementing one (F2), and a luscious grey felt (F3) for the detail work.

F1, F2, F3

Cut F1 into 2 equivalent rectangles, approximately 5.5 ‘ x 3′ each.

Cut F2 into 2 pieces–one 5.5′ x 1′ (F2a) and the other 1.5′ x 9’ (F2b).

F1 & F2a panels (not sewn together)

Cut F3 into many, many, many 1″ x 1.5″ rectangles. Use pinking shears so that the ends don’t fray.

close up

not even close to enough

Begin sewing the rectangles onto F2a. You want to only sew them at the top and overlap them like roofing shingles. I roofed one summer ten years ago–never again. My left shoulder will never be the same. It hurts just remembering that terrible occupation.

overlapping rectangles

You’re going to sew for a long time….until you completely fill F2a.

getting there

Hem the 2 outside edges of each piece of F1.

I mitered the corner

Hem the bottom of F2a.

Sew each piece of F1 onto long sides of the completed F2 strip.

sewing with right sides together

close up

Hem the edges of F2b. Sew one of the long edges to the top edge of the completed F1/F2a/F3 compilation.

close up of the intersection

Use scraps of F2 to make 13 tabs for the shower curtain. If you’re feeling particularly industrious you can hem each edge of the tabs. Fuck that. I just pinked the edges so that they didn’t fray. It’ll look the same at 6am.

1 tab

I made 13 tabs–so there could be one between each liner ring.

13 tabs

Sew each tab an equal distance apart to the back of the top of F2b. I recommend pinning.

sewing sewing sewing

So here it is! Forgive the terribly lit pictures. Bathroom lighting and all that.

top view

full view

suck it, martha.

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