Things I Like: II

Jus’ thought I’d keep on sharing:

Pillar Stemware

from cb2

I’m a sucker for nice stemware.  It’s (fairly) affordable too!

D-Vine Collection

from annaruthhenriques

I love everything designed by Anna Ruth Henriques. I can’t afford it. But it’s so pretty. Plus her name is gorgeous.

Meyer Lemons

from whiteonricecouple

Half lemon, half orange. Don’t you love it when two good things merge and become something even better? (although I like nougat and I like truffles, but that new 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp bar looks revolting)

Noodle Cooler

from toxel

Hot noodles are a very real problem.

This is an ingenious solution.

Wonder what kind of batteries it takes?

Audubon Field Guide for the iPad 2

from audubonguides

For when you’re out in nature and need to identify that bird.

Actually, I think it’s a fantastic app! A little pricey, but come on! It’s Audubon.

Snowy Owls Necklace

from shanalogic

The Nerd says that owls = hipsters. I do agree with that statement. I counter with the comment that these owls look startled and unhappy. Perhaps they don’t like being nestled in the V-neck of a  tattooed sweaty twenty-something in tight jeans, smoking a Marlboro and sipping tea.

The one on the right actually looks sad.

Sir Richard’s Condoms

from fab

Safe sex in a chic package. I like the pink one.

Room Porn

from billysymon

Jade Mountain, St. Lucia.

All in one resort room. Not so pricey, all things considered–approximately one to two grande (roll the rrrrr) a night.

Katherine Hepburn

from dorothysurrenders

That woman could wear a pantsuit.

suck it, martha.

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