Tips and Tricks, Installment 1

Ever chop and onion and bawl the entire time?

from cookingwithrichard

Or touch some garlic and reek the whole day after?

from wizardrecipes

Or have your skirt ride up/squirm into your ass because of static cling?

from ginascafe

I’m here to help.

from dollymix

Tips and Tricks to Make Life a Little Bit Easier

  •  When sewing, instead of marking fabric with a fabric pen/pencil, use tailor’s chalk. If any sign of it remains after your project it is removed by steam–iron it and it goes away.

from haberdasherystore

  • To remove that lingering garlicky scent and texture after handling garlic, wash hand with either a stainless steel spoon or a handful of salt. Both work.


  • Static cling? Rub your garment with a dryer sheet to alleviate The Cling.

from hollywoodgrind

  • It’s gases in the cells of the onion, released when cut, that make you cry when slicing the delicious root. To somewhat neutralize the effect, either stick the onion in the freezer for a few minutes before cutting or run hot water periodically over the onion slices as you chop.

from howhome

  • To remove fresh blood from fabric, rub stain with saliva from the owner of the blood. Only spit from the blood donor will work–it’s an enzyme thing.


  • To remove old blood from fabric, rub stain with pure ammonia. Windex doesn’t qualify.

from minnakrebs

  • To get the “umami” (flavorfulness) taste of meat in vegetarian chili, add a dollop of peanut butter when you combine your ingredients. You won’t miss the meat–and it’s doesn’t make the chili taste like peanuts.

from koeze

  • Stick a stalk of celery into a bag of loaf bread–it’ll keep longer.

from kimberlysynder

Look for more tips, tricks, and secrets soon.

suck it, martha.

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