The Tale of the Cosmo Bunny

This is going to be more of a story than a “how to” post.

So let me begin near the beginning:

The Nerd and a couple of his friends have recently started a post-punk revival band called ‘Cosmo Bunny.’ This is the type of band that a mascot loves.

from toymania

Mascots love:

  • good music
  • crowds
  • attention

from charactercostumes

So you can understand why the band Cosmo Bunny wanted a Cosmo Bunny mascot called Cosmo Bunny.

And, as luck would have it, The Nerd knew someone who could (possibly) create said mascot–

–you got it–


So this is the tale of the creation of the Cosmo Bunny.

The Tailor and I spent every morning the week of CBC (Cosmo Bunny Creation) brainstorming, drawing, sewing mock ups, and generally trying to figure out how in the hell to do this properly.

Let me tell you guys–making a large bunny is no small feat.

Some of the concept drawings:

They’re quite terrible.

But the conversation while developing them was invaluable.

So after some sketches, we began making small mock ups out of muslin–me from home, him from work.

They mostly looked like hot water bottles.

I made a few patterns for the mock ups, just to see what worked and what didn’t.

didn't work

mostly a mess, sort of a brainstorm

sort of worked. with alterations.

So all of the previous pictures were for the torso of the bunny.

Here’s how the head came about–

after piecing together (many) torsos, it became evident that the problem was that nothing looked 3 dimensional. This concept is important for the body but is even more vital for the head.

So after several sketches (that don’t warrant pictures here), this is what I came up with:

awkward angle, but that's it.

I constructed it by sewing 4 identical triangles to each other (see pattern piece below)

pattern with mock up of head

and then sewing over the pointy end.

inside the head

Well, I still hadn’t solved the back-of-the-head-problem (i.e. how do I make it?), but I was sure that inspiration would strike…later.

I was short on time, so I began constructing the actual CB now.

Here are some images from that arduous process. (By the way, I got a little frustrated along the way and quit taking pictures for a while. But you’re smart and can use your cognitive reasoning skills to fill in any gaps you may notice.)


the fabric and button eyes made a face at me

torso with pattern

torso cut out

red belly fabric on torso (pre-sewing/pinning)


arm cut out but not sewn

close up of paw pad

arm sewn and stuffed


leg sewn and stuffed (note the defined leg muscle)

appendages sewn onto torso

close up

stuffed and sewn

…and here’s where you have to use your imagination. I had a minor breakdown while constructing the head and there are no pictures of that period of the day. But here’s what the Cosmo Bunny looked like later that day:

finished except for the face

close up of faceless head

The Cosmo Bunny still has some cosmetic issues that need to be resolved (like a face), and when that occurs I’ll post the official “after” picture.

suck it, martha?


IMPORTANT POSTSCRIPT: My dear friends T & K proved invaluable during this process. Without their input (and the wine we guzzled), the Cosmo Bunny would have looked…really bad. Thank you, T & K.

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2 Comments on “The Tale of the Cosmo Bunny”

  1. August 24, 2011 at 12:29 pm #

    This is thoroughly enjoyable. I’d like to know how the bunny turns out.

  2. August 25, 2011 at 8:49 am #

    There’s a sad end to this story. I’ll tell you next time we chance to meet.

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