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(The following post was written by The Tailor.)

So it started with that thing you do when your house catches fire. Aside from having an escape plan,

from safetyfirst

what do you save?

from darkroastedblend

Interesting exercise and maybe we should do that. One day.

How about this:

Essential Albums You Must Have.

This is my list in no particular order or preference.

Tori Amos  Little Earthquakes

Her best. I used to look forward to her next release. Unfortunately, it never got as good as Little Earthquakes. She’s the Anne Rice of music. Interview with a Vampire–good stuff, but did you ever read The Mummy?

Jimmy Webb  Ten Easy Pieces

Underrated songwriter. Wrote classics…By the Time I Get to Phoenix, Galveston, All I Know…he also wrote And Someone Left My Cake Out in the Rain.

Joni Mitchell  Blue

Personally, anything she sings/writes is gold.

Dusty Springfield   Dusty in Memphis

I hear she was a mean drunk who was abusive to her girlfriends.

Aren’t we all?

Liza Minnelli   Liza With a Z

Shut up. This is my list. I had a (presumably straight) suite-mate in college. One day I came in early and found him with the stereo BLARING LOUDLY…he was jamming out to Liza.

He told me if I ever told anyone, he’d kill me.

Okay, so I’m thinking, this is going to be a huge list! Because if you have Liza you have to include Judy.

And Ella.

And Billie Holliday.

And David Bowie.

The B-52’s.

Glenn Miller.

The Ramones.

Patti Smith.

Bessie Smith.

My head hurts.

Okay. So let’s condense this. The ONE album you cannot live without. Ahhh…Sophie’s Choice.

from the170files

How is that possible?!

Better yet… What is your go-to song? The song you never tire of. The one you could listen to all day long.

Or maybe it’s the song you listen to that puts you in the mood.


The song I listen to is not Send in the Clowns.

from thoushaltnotcovet

Surprisingly, it’s not even a showtune.

There are actually several songs that say the same thing and even sound somewhat similar.

My first choice was the Burt Bacharach/Hal David song  Anyone Who Had a Heart. Sentimental. 60’s sounding. A “why don’t you love me” song.

from cockrock

And I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt. Says the same thing but achingly so. Great song to put on repeat and wallow in.

The backstory of this song (sometimes it’s best to believe that the writer had you, specifically, in mind when writing a song) is that the writers read an article about a guy who shot out his ex-girlfriend’s car. At his sentencing he was asked if he’d learned anything. He answered:

“I guess I can’t make her love me.”


So I’m watching Glee.

Okay, that’s another topic for another time. But there is this character–I can’t recall his name–he’s an ex-teacher. He’d been fired for being “inappropriate.”

I love this guy!

He’s totally offensive as a stereotypical homosexual male.

Wears a lot of pink. Got the sweater tied around his neck–you know, a casual fashion statement.

from clothingofglee

Sue Sylvester referred to him as “a friend of Dorothy.”

from gleekopedia

Again–another topic for another time.

And he refers to himself as a “predatory gay.”  So I’m hootin’ and hollerin’ at the TV.

When all of a sudden Mercedes is about to sing. The first few chords sound–

Oh my God.

I know! I recognize! I clench my chest and gasp…

from iophoto

…just as the gay character I’ve been laughing at does. I’m watching me!

But I have to pull myself together because she’s singing old school Aretha Franklin–Ain’t No Way.

from trialx

That’s the song.

I realize–that’s the song I go to. It’s perfect. It says what all of those “done me wrong” songs say…only better.

“Ain’t no way for me to love you if you won’t let me.”

Amen, sister ‘Re! Conscise, to the point, and in a way that is so much healthier. Let’s face it. These songs do not promote mental health.

from graphichunt

But that’s another topic for another time.


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  1. Roger Riddle
    July 21, 2011 at 10:26 am #

    Love it.

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