Things I Like: VI

Still sharing.


from fab

Temporary wallpaper–for renters or people with commitment issues.


from thinkgeek

You know how much I love my other TARDIS mug, right? Well, this one would be such a perfect addition. Just sayin’. Plus it has a lid. And you know I’ll buy anything with a lid.

dbO Home Breakfast Set

from fab

Soft edges (because who wants a sharp corner first thing in the morning?), soft colors, and unique shapes. I really like this.

Nano UV Wand

from skymall

This is a light saber for the home. Be a Jedi in the comfort of your own home. Wave it over food, pillows, the couch–whatever is the host for the things you want to kill.

Pill Box Jewelry

from fab

Designed by Emily Rothschild, this bronze pillbox can be worn as a pin as well as being carried in a purse. Be proud of your pills, people. Wear them on your chest.

Russian Dolls Measuring Cups

from uncommongoods

I’ve got a set of these and they are perfect for a small kitchen. They’ve also got more measuring units than I think is really necessary–like 2/3 cup and 3/4 cup. Nice, but extraneous. I use this set all the time, extra cups or not.

iBottle Opener

from uncommongoods

It’s a twofer for you iPhone-ers out there. A non-slip cover for your hand and a bottle opener for your beer. Weird, perhaps impractical, interesting nonetheless.

Sasha Alexander

from dorothysurrenders

We loved her as Kate and now we love her as Dr. Isles.

suck it, martha.

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2 Comments on “Things I Like: VI”

  1. August 3, 2011 at 10:46 am #

    If you buy the light saber thingy, you should never come to my house without it. We are all for extra germ killing technology!

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