French Toast

I love breakfast.

from antone

Breakfast sets the tone of the day–

–jeweled or jangled?

The easiest way for you to mess up my day is to prevent me from breakfasting.

from drjeffadams

One of my requirements for breakfast is protein; the other is carbs. I need both to function like a sane human. Carbs alone make me hungry an hour later. Protein alone makes me feel like I ate a brick.

from expressivecompulsive

See that face? That’s face I make after a protein-only breakfast. It’s also the face I made this morning while listening to my favorite radio station’s awful new DJ.

Anyway…I also have strong feelings regarding weekend breakfasts. These are typically more leisurely and for me that means making it a little fancy. Perhaps that means chopping an assortment of fresh fruit. Or cooking multiple items instead of hurriedly cooking an egg and slapping it on toast. Or…

…it means French toast.

from livesreflection

French toast, for me, is a weekend breakfast. You can’t schlep a sloppy stack of egg-soaked, cinnamon-sprinkled, syrup-slathered toasts to work, now can you? Eating food with a fork in a car is also frowned on. So…weekend!

When I make French toast, I like to use store-bought bread. It just seems to soak up the eggy-milky goodness easier than homemade bread and you can eat more slices (which may or may not be a true benefit).

Now I know it’s not quite the weekend, but I figure you’d want to prepare. So what follows is French toast for 2.

Grab 2 eggs.


And milk.


And bread.


Crack the eggs into a bowl.

eggs in a bowl

Add some milk. I don’t measure, but I would guess it’s few Tablespoons.

eggs + milk

Sprinkle some nice spices into the mixture. I chose nutmeg, cinnamon, and a little bit of allspice for a twang.


Butter a saute pan.


Dip one side of the bread into the mixture…

one side...

…then the other side.

...and the other

Put soaked slices into the hot buttered sauté pan.

in the pan

Let them cook until the first side is done and then flip them.


Once done (the eggy mixture should be light brownish, not burnt), remove from heat, put on a plate,


and smother them with syrup.


Happy breakfasting.


suck it, martha.

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One Comment on “French Toast”

  1. Steve Bice
    August 31, 2011 at 5:52 pm #

    I LOVE french toast. the best i ever had was at the Buckhead Bread Co. in ATL. it’s a chain but they make great food, and great bread, for that matter. anyway…they use an egg-bread like hallah or brioche that makes their french toast even more eggier. YUM!!
    great incentive for me to make a tasty breakfast….or switch it up and have it for dinner.
    The Tailor

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