Ahhh, smells.

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They really can make or break a space, can’t they?

To me, nothing is worse–or more awkward–than walking into an interior space and being nasally assaulted.

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So we can all agree that scent is important.

Did you know that scent is the one of the five senses that is most associated with memory? That’s why when you get a whiff of White Diamonds and mothballs, you’re immediately transported to your grandmother’s den, circa the second grade. Or why the scent of espresso and ground coffee always takes me back to my very first, beloved job at a coffee shop.

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Aight, we’ve established that scent has meaning.

So what exactly is aromatherapy?

It’s not mysterious and scary.

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Because I couldn’t say it better, here is a quote from

Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being.

When you inhale the fragrances of these essential oils, your brain is affected.

Different essential oils have different functions.

First, we’re going to talk about a few scents and the purported properties associated with them. Then we’ll explore ways to actually do aromatherapy.

Some Scents and Benefits


  • calming
  • relaxation
  • contentment

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  • stimulation
  • alertness
  • stress relief
  • cooling

from elements4health


  • stress-relief
  • mood enhancement
  • refreshing

from duartefruit


  • contentment
  • uplifting

from silviahart


  • energizing
  • refreshing
  • uplifting

from gianino


  • soothing
  • calming
  • relaxing

from leeroyshop


  • refreshing
  • vitalizing

from thekitchn


  • purifying
  • invigorating

from howtocopewithpain


  • calming
  • comforting
  • balancing

from amadaeusvanilla


  • sensuality
  • uplifting
  • romance

from allposters

You can (more than likely) purchase essential oils at your local natural food store.

Ways of Application


from goingwell

Put a few (3-6) drops of the essential oil of your choice into running bath water. Add Epsom salts to the bath to make it ultra-relaxing.

Oil Diffuser

from theresann

Drop some oil into the top of the diffuser and light a candle–the heat releases the scent of the oil into the room. Try to get one made of ceramic–they heat evenly and release the scents best.

Aromatherapy Vaporizer

from amazon

Just put a few drops in it and let it do all the works. Dispels that scent throughout the room.

Massage Oil

from getadviced

You can make your own! Just add a few drops of essential oil to an oil such as Sweet Almond Oil or Avocado Oil or Grapeseed Oil. All are great for the skin and are completely natural.

There are many more essential oil scents to explore and many other manners of application, but these will get you started. Leave a comment if you have anything to add!

Happy Labor Day. May it smell delightful.

suck it, martha.

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