Project: Hard Drive Case Cover

I just got a new external hard drive.

my new hard drive

It’s terrific.

from adpulp

It’s got enough space to hold old projects,

old project

tv stuff,

from acroyear

random doodles,


'nother doodle

reams of papers,

from lifehack


from millavenue


pie picture

and enough room left over to add more of the same for a long while to go.

But I didn’t have anything to hold the actual hard drive.

from denotive


So I grabbed some sock yarn, a crochet hook, an oversized button, and headed for the couch.

from mollybuckley

The idea was to make a long rectangle, fold it enough to make a pouch, leaving enough left over to to make a flap. With a button hole, of course.

So first I chained the width of my hard drive, which ended up being about 30. Your widths will vary, of course, unless you purchase the same hard drive that I did (LaCie, terabyte, it’s marvelous–LaCie, you can mail me a check).


Then single crochet until you get close to the length desired.

about halfway there

Now it’s time to make the button hole.

Single crochet until you reach the area where the button hole is to begin. Chain the width of the hole desired, orienting the chain so that the midpoint falls around the middle of the row (this is determined by how many single crochets you do before beginning the chain). I chained about 7. It was a big button.

chained button hole

Then finish off the row with single crocheting.

Turn, and single crochet the whole row like normal. You should begin to see your button hole forming. Keep crocheting until your flap is the desired length.

button hole

Then crochet the bottom third of the rectangle to the middle third of the rectangle, leaving the last third as the flap (with the sweet button hole).

crocheted seam

all attached and pouch-like

sneak preview (pre-button)

Position the button on the body and sew in on.

button sewn



Now your hard drive–like mine–is safe and protected. Still–don’t drop it.

suck it, martha.

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