Tips & Tricks: Salt

As a kid, I loved the book Swiss Family Robinson.

from downloadbookz

One of my favorite parts was one that never made it to the movie (which was also great!)–

from amazon

–the salt caves.

from natgeo

The idea of living in a salt cave during the rainy season was so appealing to me that I made my brothers help me make my own salt cave. Ok, so there wasn’t any actual salt. And the cave walls were lattice. But I had heavy chains that I had scrounged from the woods (back then I never wondered–but how did they get there?) and those heavy chains made it feel like a cave.

from 33rebels

Anyway, salt isn’t just great to have in a cave during the rainy season (you can preserve food and it’s never under-seasoned)–it’s also useful around our houses made of normal walls and roofs.

1. Rub mugs with salt to remove coffee stains.

from stain101

2. Rub cane furniture with salt water to prevent it from yellowing.

from gardentreeslandscape

3. The more you tickle those ivories, the stained-er they get. Dampen a cloth with a mixture of salt and lemon juice to clean them quickly.

from evermax

4. I’m an egg dropper. It’s a curse, and I hate it. The worst part of this curse is that after the dropping I have to clean it up. Gargggh.

from flickr

Now I know that  sprinkling salt on the mess and leaving it for 20 minutes makes it (almost) a breeze to clean up.

5. If you’re not like me and only eat egg whites, you can make them extra fluffy by adding a pinch of salt whilst they cook.

from cookinglight

6. Wrinkly apples (don’t laugh–you know you have this problem sometimes) can be de-wrinkled by soaking in a mild salt water bath.

from flickr

7. Keep milk fresher longer by adding a pinch–just a teeny pinch–of salt to it.

from taikajuoma

8. As a strong believer in baking the pizza right on the rack, I encounter oven drippage. To combat this, sprinkle salt on the drippage to stop the smell, let it cool, then wipe away.

from 123rf

9. To test for rotten eggs, put the egg in a dish of water and add 2 teaspoons of salt (many people forget this!). A rotten egg will sink.

from kidsfunscience

10. Avoid herbicides and chemicals by sprinkling salt in the cracks on the sidewalk or between patio stones to prevent weeds or grass from growing.

from noirotphotography

11. I’m always overeager and don’t allow my Jell-o to have enough time to set.

Stop. Don’t make fun of me.

from freewebs

Adding a pinch of salt to the Jell-o makes it set faster…which means you can eat it faster.

12. In the unlikely even that you tip over your inkwell onto carpet, pour a heap (a heap, I tell you) of salt onto the spill. The salt will soak up the ink.

from photodict

I hope this has been educational.

suck it, martha.

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