In My Tape Deck

Okay, so maybe I don’t have a tape deck anymore, but I have rolled more than my share of that confounded tape back into the cassette shell after it’s been eaten (again) by my ancient boom box.

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I remember having to get up and change sides on my Roy Orbison tape more often than I would have liked. I thought books on CD were the bomb. Now we’ve got iPods.

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One thing that’s stayed the same, however, is that I enjoy a hodgepodge of music styles.

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Let me clarify one thing here: music selection is not my forte. I know what I like–and I play it–but appealing a broad spectrum of folks has never been my goal.

El Guapo is waaaaaay better than I am at knowing what’s good and what’s not (that said, go listen to some stuff he’s put together here).

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Now that you’ve been thoroughly warned, wanna see what I’ve been listening to?

Flogging Molly: Speed of Darkness

Flogging Molly

This album has a different sound than their other ones. It’s quieter in many places and is more current (and more currently politically charged) than the others as well.

I love Flogging Molly–I can sing (almost) all the lyrics to all the songs on command–and I can hum the fiddle parts perfectly. Skillz, I tell you.

Adele: 21


Who isn’t listening to Adele?

This album is even better than her first–which was really good, mind you. When Adele belts out her songs, you can feel what she means. Not many singers can do that. Plus she’s just a normal girl who smokes and drinks and eats fried foods. I admire that “non-conformity” (isn’t it sad that being normal is non-conforming?).

Buddy Holly: Greatest Hits

Buddy Holly

I can’t listen to Buddy Holly without thinking of that episode of Quantum Leap–

from classictv

–where Dr. Sam Beckett leaps to 1956, meets a young Buddy Holly, and helps him write “Peggy Sue.”

I also really love the song “Runaround Sue” and I think it’s a crime that it’s not on this album.

Missy Higgins: The Sound of White

Missy Higgins

This album has gotten me through tough times. It’s always there and it’s always got at least one song that is perfectly applicable to for whatever shit it is I’m sloughing through.

Plus I just love a good lesbian songster, don’t you?

Cher: Gold


What’s better than popping in a Cher album?

Why, popping in Cher’s Gold album–32 songs handpicked by Cher (and oddly enough released only 2 years after The Very Best of Cher…ego much?).

It’s got a little bit of everything–songs from the disco days, 80s, 90s, and of course a little Sonny and Cher. It’s like a buffet of all your faves.

Back City Woods: Dirt From Which We Came

Back City Woods

I’m Back City Woods’ Number 2 Fan. Wonder Woman is Number 1. However, if you only count fans not married to band members, I’m Number 1. Just sayin’.

This album, while short, captures the spirit of the South. It’s got foot-stompin’ rhythms, a soaring fiddle, multi-part harmonies, well-written lyrics, The Nerd plays a mean bass, and really good everything else.

If I sound a little biased–maybe I am. But only a little.

The Motels: All Four One

The Motels

Oh come on.

You know you like it. “Take the L out of lover and it’s over” is such a clever line.

The Tailor and I have discussed the terrifying name of one song on this album–written by Carole King, no less– called “He Hit Me (and It Felt Like a Kiss).” Yikes.

Ravi Shankar: Chants of India

Ravi Shankar

This is the perfect album for 2 types of situations:

1. utter silence and concentration, like during yoga or meditation

2. background music at a gathering of people

Any other listening situation–in a car, for example–is not ideal. I got pretty drowsy driving to this and I think El Guapo started twitching.

It’s a great album, however, and my favorite part is that the CD sleeve has all the chants in Hindi and English so that you can understand what each track means.

Plus George Harrison produced it.

Lesley Gore: The Golden Hits of Lesley Gore

Lesley Gore

I really enjoy listening to this early in the morning when my eyelids are still crusty and I’m trying to brush my teeth but end up smearing toothpaste on the side of my face instead.

And I agree with Lesley–if it’s my party, dammit, I’ll cry if I want to.

suck it, martha.

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5 Comments on “In My Tape Deck”

  1. September 26, 2011 at 8:37 am #

    When I first saw the cover of the Leslie Gore album I thought it was one long title. Visions of a disheveled ’60s housewife named Judy on a Rosea-drunk, screaming it all in one long sobbing breath while pointing accusingly at the rest of the garden club…

  2. September 26, 2011 at 9:30 am #

    That’d be a hard album to reference in conversation.

  3. September 26, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    Make me a play list? I love a play list I don’t have to orchestrate for myself.

  4. October 11, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

    Are you making this up as you go along?

  5. October 24, 2011 at 11:02 pm #

    I like Your Article about In My Tape Deck | suck it, martha Perfect just what I was searching for! .

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