Apples to Apples…?

Autumn is the time for apples. Not like the iPhone–


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but like apple pie or apple turnovers or apple dumplings.


My inbox is flooded with apple recipes–

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–and The Tailor just recently gave me a few pages from the New York Times that had all sorts of weird and interesting apple ideas (like adding balsamic vinegar and feta) that I will pass on to you once I’ve tested them (for quality, of course).

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But before I inundate you with apple recipes (because I’m going to–look out), I think that reviewing the many types of apples is a good idea.

There are many types of apples.

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It can be overwhelming. The first time I tried to make a pie I stood in the produce section with glazed eyes and thought, “Green apples, right? Or was it not. And which green? Do those light yellow ones count as green? They’re sort of…citron.”

Needless to say–the pie wasn’t fabulous. For the record, don’t ever put Gala apples in a pie. They become mushy and tasteless when baked.

So here’s the rundown on apples:

Gala Apples

from brisbanefruit

Become mushy and tasteless when baked.

They are also a hybrid apple–a cross between Golden Delicious and Kidd’s Orange Red. They’ve got a light, sweet taste when eaten raw.

Red Delicious

from goodnewsgardening

One of the most commonly eaten apples in the U.S. The skin is thicker than many apples and it slightly bitter.

The fruit itself is sweet with a little tartness. Don’t use them for baking, either.

Golden Delicious

from wikia

While it sounds like a cousin to Red Delicious, it’s not.

This guy has thin skin, a slightly sharp taste, and a juicy texture that is ideal for baking.


from kyrels

These apples may have green spots even when fully ripe.

They have a tart taste and are really good for cider and are okay for baking.


from myapplecountry

Even though these apples have a thick skin, they are good for baking.

They’ve got a sharp and sweet taste that isn’t overwhelming.

Bit o’ trivia: These apples originated in Rome, Ohio. Not Georgia or Italy.

Granny Smith

from annaborgrocery

The type of apples you think of when you think of a stomachache.

Or maybe I only speak for myself. However, I caution you: eat only one.

These apples can be using in baking but are especially good as juice. They also will stay fresh for 6 months.

The fruit is tart and crisp.


from southwoodnursery

Sweet and crisp. Not so good for baking.

These apples are also Olympians at staying fresh–5-6 months (in the refrigerator)!

I think that these are my personal favorites for eating.

Pink Lady

from foodsubs

My favorite apples to look at in the store. They’re like a Gala apple in flavor only zingy-er.

Great with peanut butter, not so good for baking.


from tallcloverfarm

If you live in the Southeast, this is The Apple for baking.

They hold their shape and don’t become overly sweet or tart when cooked.

Well, that’s that for today. Hopefully this has been edifying. Look for apple treats soon.

suck it, martha.

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