Well kids, it’s that time of year.

Not just The Time of the Apples, although we all love That Time.

from boolprop

It’s the Time of the Spookiness.

from vizeer

Confession: I love dressing up in costume.

I used to throw theme parties– (like my infamous “P Party” where everything revolved around the letter P. I dressed as the Peaceful Purple Pirate of Penzance and we ate pizza, pasta and pretzels and the Pompous Prize for Perfect Place went to the Phailed Parachuter who said “ph*#%!”) –and where it was a requirement to be dressed up.

from applefun

Confession: I love the kitschiness of holidays.

Like this:

from iheartluxe

And this:

from southernimporters

And so much like this:

from rarebirdfinds

Confession: I have a fear of mascots.

And really anything with a covered face (because really, when your face is covered you are no longer a “he” or a “she” but an “it.”) This does not bode well for Halloween type activities where running into someone who looks like this is routine:

from jennyreviews

You could be wearing street clothes and if you put a bag on your head I would be scared shitless.

I’m not proud of this.

from life123

Don’t tell me that’s not scary.

Anyway, the whole point of this digression is to tell you that Billy Boy found me some fun Spooky stuff on the interwebs that I wanted to share with you.

If you’ve seen this one too many times on Facebook–

from dancehallcraze

–and pumpkins are just too blase and cliche for you–try watermelon carving!

from imgur

Specifically grotesque watermelon carving.

Or you could pretend that your ship needed an (edible) figurehead, complete with jewelry.

from fitmaterial

This one looks like a cross be between Elmer Fudd and Burl Ives.

from lorla

If you got both of those references then I applaud you.

So here’s some costume ideas for you, in case you haven’t made up your mind yet.

There’s always your stereotypical sexy something. Bride, maid….sailor? Eh.

from 9yqbl

Please ladies, get more creative. We know you have tits.

This woman just changed the way I look at Hogwarts.


I’ll bet Professor Umbridge would have a thing or two to decree about that one.

Perhaps you could tie a sofa pillow to your ass and be some type of insect. Or maybe they’re fairies. I can’t tell.

from citypages

At least it’s not stereotypical.

Speaking of sexy and not stereotypical, how about this for that special man in your life?

from halloweenadventure

(El Guapo, I’m talking to you right now. We could really have a Halloween Adventure with you in this costume. Plus it looks really warm.)

The Monkey-Who-Is-Undoubtedly-A-Boy is a classy option for the men who don’t want to dress in drag with a cake.

from ogaft

And it comes in a neat little package. (see what I did there?)

Of course, sometimes you just have to use what’s handy.

from jokesabout

Special delivery, anyone?

Personally, I think the pizza box is way less tacky than this one:

from funnycostumes

I don’t think I have to say anything else about it.

This set of costumes is my personal favorite.

from geekologie

Dalek girls for the win.

More nerdy girl costumes:

from watchmojo

(El Guapo, this is to make up for the image burned into your brain earlier. You’re welcome.)

from mydisguises

I’m not even sure what she is. Something Star Warsy for sure.

from mrcostumes

Or what she is. But I know enough to know it’s nerdy.

And going back to the classic fairy tales is, well, classic.

from confessionsofacraftaddict

Angry Red Riding Hood. Don’t steal her cookies.

If you want to get really creative, you can sculpt your face into an erotic image. Although if you shape your nose into a penis, I will laugh.

from VplbW

And some people don’t even need a costume.

from vwmcn

Some people (*cough, cough* Earth Momma*) spend a lot of time dressing their children up.

Some kids love it.

from pupp-ies

Some hate it.

from quq4l

Some kids have really creative parents.

from babylobster

Some don’t.

from holidash

And some you just wonder about.

from neatorama

The poor child is in shock.

Link me any funny/awful/horrifying pictures you have for Halloween. I want to see it.

suck it, martha.


1. Apparently the pillows are not pillows, they are raw fish because those girls are not fairies–they are sushi. That’s a creative costume! But I still think they look like cushy fairies.

2. Also, the fella that I think doesn’t have a costume is actually a character from some show I’ve never seen, but I still think he just looks like a normal, sorta sloppy guy. With a gold chain.

3. Thank you, El Guapo for pointing these out to me. You are my Pop Culture Compass.

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One Comment on “Spookiness”

  1. October 26, 2011 at 9:09 am #

    I think the blue chick was from Avatar. And for the record- I don’t spend a lot of time dressing up my kids. I spend a lot of time obsessing about dressing up my kids and then buy some crappy Target costume at the last minute bc I spent too much time obsessing and not enough time creating.

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