Things I’m Thankful For

It’s November, and November means many things to me.

It means that wearing layers of sweaters is now acceptable and even necessary.

from uglysweaters

It means that bleary weather–called “November Days” by that irrepressible redhead, Anne Shirley–is here, and I love bleary weather.

from canada

It also means that I can eat soup and not become overheated. Living in The South, that is a True Danger.

from ellieswholegrains

It also is the month that I traditionally re-watch all the Harry Potter movies. I’m not really sure why, but I do. It’s a November thing.

from geeklife

And it means that Thanksgiving is approaching.

from whenelephantsfly

So in the spirit of the holiday, I thought I’d share with you a few things I’m thankful for.

1. Coffee

from explodingdog

It gets me up to normal in the mornings. Without coffee I’d be a crazy person with one eye shut.

2. Yarn

from decadentfibers

My fingers would be so bored without yarn. What would I do while I watch Mad Men if I didn’t have yarn?

3. Yoga pants

from soffe

They are so comfortable. The first thing I do when I get home from work is take off my itchy, tight, constrain-y (but certainly public-friendly) work pants and don my yoga pants. Which are probably not public-friendly. But that’s why I wear them at home.

4. Breezes

from serendipity

Because they’re nice.

5. My new Twitter friends

from hubspot

Because they’re nice. (find me at @SuckItMartha…hint, hint)

6. Sushi

from crazynfunny

It’s my favorite way to spend my eating-out dollars. And it’s one of those rare foods that is socially acceptable to share (and therefore grab from other’s plates).

7. My car

from supernatural

(that’s not really my car)

Not only does it give me the freedom of the open road…it has butt-warmers. And 4 doors (I’ll never get another coupe). And a 6-disc CD changer. And I spend more time in it than in my bed it feels sometimes. So I sort of have to love it.

8. The color purple

from m80int

Not the book–the actual color. All purples make me grin.

9. Murder, She Wrote

from jinni

I have way more in common with Jessica Fletcher than I should readily admit. Once, I was watching an episode on Netflix Instant and noticed that her shoes looked familiar. I glanced down…and I was wearing the exact same pair of shoes as the tenacious sleuth.

We also have the same panniers and front bike basket for our respective bikes.

And we’re both super cool.

10. El Guapo

from firagaga

Because he took me out for sushi last night.

11. My fall/winter jacket

from landsend

It’s from Lands’ End–the kids department. Which meant that it was (1) about a third of the price of an adult jacket of the same quality (2) not an item any of my peers own (but their kids may…).

It’s waterproof, fleece-lined, and has detachable fur. What more could a girl want?

12. My kitchen knife

from gothamist

It’s super sharp and slices through the toughest root vegetable like it’s bologna.

This is not a comprehensive list by any means. You don’t have the time to read an exhaustive “thankful” post, so really…you should be thankful for my restraint.

Just sayin’.

suck it, martha.

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