Christmas 2011

This year was the best Christmas yet.

Sure, I may say that every year, but this year I MEAN IT.

It was GREAT.

from themovievault

Ok, rather than post something informative, I’m just going to briefly talk about my Christmas then go play with my new stuff.

Every Christmas Eve my family goes to my dad’s parents. They’re 2 of the best people I know. They also live in their own little world (which is almost always comical).

from alxa

For example.

This year I called several times to remind them that El Guapo didn’t eat beef of pork, and could I bring a chicken dish? Each time they said “No! No! We’ve got this! We’ll make chicken. No worries.”

from wtfinterent

I should have been worried.

We sat down to dinner. I started looking around. Oh dear.

from dreamstime

Christmas Eve dinner was:

pork roast,

beef roast,

5 little turkey roll-ups,

carrots topped with beef,

bacon wrapped green beans,

a fruit plate,

and rolls.

I knew I shoulda brought a chicken dish.

from cleveland

After Christmas Eve dinner, we traveled to my parent’s house and immediately ate something.

Christmas Day was spectacular. I got, among other things, a wonderful new camera which allowed me to capture some key moments of Christmas dinner.

incredibly delicious lima beans

crab-stuffed tilapia

shrimps frying

scallops; grease has never looked so good

the setting for dinner

I was so enamored with my new camera and it’s magical way of capturing light without me do anything I took lots of extraneous pictures. Like one of my parent’s back porch.


And the dog.


And my knitting.


And–the biggest and bestest surprise of Christmas (that I’m still smiling about) is what El Guapo got me.

he's a beautiful wrapper

You ready for this?

A Kitchen Aid stand mixer. In the color I wanted.


You don’t understand. I coveted this mixer. So bad it may have eeked out of my pores.

And El Guapo, that wonderful man o’ mine, smelled that covetousness and solved it.


And he gave me a food-grinding attachment.

Ok, well I’m outta here.


suck it, martha.

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