Handwarmers (AKA Texting Gloves)

It’s an unseasonably warm winter down here in the South. However, my hands do need a little extra warmth at times.

This is true even when I have to do such urgent and terribly important things such as…texting.

from preacheron

And crocheting/knitting/needlework.

from unappreciatedknitter

That’s actually why I made my first pair in the first place–I try to keep my heat on as low as possible save as many dollars as possible. And my hands are the first part of my body to take the hit.

from travelpod

However, I didn’t want to sacrifice my mobility for a little thing like staying warm. Hence, hand warmers.

They’re incredibly easy and quick.

Disclaimer: this particular pattern is geared  for a person with my size hands: small. Adjust as needed.

First, grab a G crochet hook and some yarn you like to look at and touch, and chain 24.

chained 24

Turn and single crochet 3 rows.

3 rows of single crochet

Then turn and half-double crochet until you reach the desired length.

starting to half-double

gettin' there, length wise

Desired length is determined by how much wrist and/or knuckle coverage you prefer. This particular pair of hand warmers was for a White Elephant Party, and I’m not sure how much knuckle coverage the lucky recipient would need, so I opted for average.


Once you’ve achieved the desired length, fold the square that you’ve created in half and crochet a few single stitches to begin to connect the two sides together. This is where you actually determine the knuckle/wrist coverage; if you only crochet 1 or 2 singles stitches  before creating the thumb opening then you will achieve very little knuckle coverage and vice versa.

starting to adjust for knuckle coverage

Ok, once you’ve got the right knuckle coverage (I just love that phrase. How often do you really get to say “knuckle coverage?” If you’re me in this post it’s approximately 6.), create the thumb hole by half-single crocheting along one edge of the square until you’ve established enough room for your thumb.

another view

Again, this is really subjective and should be adjusted according to how chubby your hand is. Or slim. You get it.

After establishing the thumb hole size, single crochet both sides again until the end of the square.

thumb hole



Try it on for size.

hellz yeah

suck it, martha.

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