New York, New York

When my little brother told me he was moving back home from New York in mid-February I knew I had to act fast.

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Meaning, I knew I had to hop on a plane and see New York while he was still there and had sort of an idea of what to do, where to go, and what subway line to take. Wonder Woman and I have traveled enough places to know how much time can be saved by knowing where to get on the subway.

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So of course I called Wonder Woman and we arranged our schedules and took off for New York last weekend. Which happened to coincide with my birthday.

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Rather than go into all the details, which would take hours to type (and I don’t have hours), I’m just going to list the highlights and share some pictures. Hey, a picture’s worth a thousand words, right?

Okay, I’ll stop with the tired cliches.

So, here goes.

Upon arrival at LaGuardia, I got into the car of the most inept cab driver in New York City.

from ltcmag

Don’t believe me? I eventually had to lend him my phone so he could figure out where we were going.

My brother and I saw Silence of the Lambs the Musical, which was incredibly crude, funny, and wonderful.

from blogway

To offset the vulgarity, Wonder Woman and I saw Mary Poppins on Broadway.

from mousesavers

Of course it was overwhelmingly fabulous and family friendly.

We ate a lot of great food.

mussels in tomato sauce (Bella Napoli)

fried eggplant stuffed with ricotta (Bella Napoli)

calamari (Bella Napoli)

brownie and ridiculously expensive bottled water (Le Pain Quotidien)

mini tarts (Le Pain Quotidien)

olive and oil appetizer (Georgio's)

4 types of bread to dip in the oil (Georgio's)

mini crabcakes (Georgio's)

Penne a la Vodka with grilled shrimp (Georgio's)

grilled salmon in a lemon-caper sauce (Georgio's)

eggs over medium, terrible potatoes, and the best toast I've ever eaten (Lou's Diner)

omelet with red peppers and goat cheese (Lou's Diner)

I only ate fried foods on my birthday.

haddock and chips (Chip Shop)

cod and chips (Chip Shop)

fried mac & cheese (Chip Shop)

fried Reese's cups (Chip Shop)

And was nauseous that night.

We encountered some of the worst live music I’ve ever heard. And after the performer was asked to leave the stage, he carefully double-bubbled wrapped all 11 pedals, tied shoelaces around each bundle, and carefully placed them into a bubble wrap-lined duffel bag.

the performer (Legion)

It was weird.

We walked through MoMA, and I’m now of the opinion that most modern art (1980-present) is a crock of shit.

modern art

Yep, those are basketballs floating in an aquarium. If that happened at my house, it would be called “an accident.”

more modern art

You see that correctly. Someone drew circles on graph paper. I call it “doodling whilst bored.” They call it “contemporary and forward thinking.”

But once we left the 1st floor, we encountered truly interesting stuff.

I go crazy over mid-century modern furniture, especially chairs. For me, this exhibit was like a crack factory for an addict.


Frank Lloyd Wright

Le Corbusier


I don't remember!


More design-related stuff:

I think my mom had this phone

coolest calendar I've ever seen



And I discovered a new favorite series of paintings–States of Mind by Umberto Boccioni. It’s a series of 3 paintings that depict the fleeting nature of modern life. The first, “The Farewells,”  portrays people saying their goodbyes at a train station. The second, “Those Who Leave” uses diagonal lines to show, as Boccioni says, “loneliness, anguish, and dazed confusion.” The 3rd, “Those Who Stay,” uses vertical lines to show the “weight of sadness of those left behind.”

The Farewells

Those Who Leave

Those Who Stay

Whatever they mean, I think they’re gorgeous.

We saw some pieces by Van Gogh, Monet, Frida Kahlo, Klimt, Picasso, and Pollack.

Van Gogh

Van Gogh







We also saw some odd pieces. Some were odd in a beautiful sort of way. Some were just…odd.

here's one

called "Trouble in San Francisco"


paintbrushes in resin


We also went to the Brooklyn Brewery.

Brooklyn Brewery

beer boxes

El Guapo was jealous.

We also went to a record store.

record store

El Guapo was jealous.

On our last day, we attended a coffee convention and learned some stuff about coffee.

one of the coffees we tasted

El Guapo was not jealous.

quintessential hipster coffee pic

Then we ate our last meal in New York at an organic restaurant called “The Simple Kitchen” in Chelsea.

We ate beet quinoa, chicken and broccoli 3-cheese mac & cheese, vegetable curry, and a salad with poached chicken, fennel, and cranberries.

beet quinoa

mac & cheese

vegetable curry

chicken salad

Then Wonder Woman and I flew back to our respective states and my brother took the train back to his apartment.

Back to real life.

If you want more details on our travels, head over to our (mine and Wonder Woman’s) joint travel blog. It can be found at

suck it, martha.

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