Gluten Free for a Week

The holidays are a hard time for anyone to eat properly.

from micanonymous

Cakes, mashed potatoes, casseroles, pie.

from wiki

(I love pie.)
Forget a diet. My goal is to not to need new pants by January 2.
Achievable goals, people.

from nikkidee

So I can only imagine what living and eating through the holidays must be like for someone with a dietary issue like Celiac disease. Since it’s Gluten Free Week(s) here at Suck It, Martha, I thought I’d ask Celia C how she got through the holidays.
So here is a week in the life of Celia C and how she deals with the holidays.


The Players: Celia C (me!)

El Querido (My main squeeze. El Guapo was taken, dangit)

Sunday – Christmas Day!


from pancreaspancakes

  • Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix – Makes fairly thick pancakes. Probably going to add extra milk or water next time.
  • Bakery On Main Apple Raisin Walnut Gluten Free Granola – Tossed a handful of this in the pancake batter. The result is fancy pancakes. Boom. El Querido ate them ALL.
  • Omelets – These had Cotswold cheese inside. YUM.
  • Coffee


from glutenfreespinner

Being that it was Christmas Day, my parents put together a spread of various meats, dips, rolls, chips, crackers, fruit and nuts, as well as some sweets. Over the course of the afternoon I remember eating:

  • A few pieces each of spiral sliced ham, roasted turkey and broiled beef tenderloin
  • Fresh cut fruit
  • Pimento cheese on Crunchmaster Multi Grain GF Crackers
  • Sausage Dip on Frito Scoops (The dip is made of sour cream, crumbled sausage and sliced mushrooms. It’s so bad for you but SOOOO tasty. My stepbrothers fight over it every year)
  • Handful of Glutino chocolate covered GF pretzels
  • I also had a couple cocktails. One rye Manhattan and I think one bourbon and ginger ale.

*A note about liquor:  Most hard liquors, even the ones distilled from rye or wheat, are gluten free. The distilling process actually destroys the gluten protein in the grain. However, some brands of whiskey makers add some raw mash back to the mixture after the distilling process. Check with the maker of your preferred whiskey to make sure you’re safe.

from linnthriftay

FYI Maker’s Mark, Evan Williams and Wild Turkey are all safe.


from topshelfsweets

Since we grazed most of the daylight hours, neither of us were really interested in a real dinner. This last bit was at a Christmas party at the house of some friends.

  • a few bites of ham
  • some praline pecans
  • maybe some cheese cubes
  • and our hostess even had a box of Blue Diamond Nut-Thins Cheddar flavored crackers

Monday December 26



  • Fried eggs in bell pepper rings
  • Hashbrowns
  • Bacon

(again, not really hungry after such a hearty breakfast so lunch happened around 3:30pm)

from wineexpedition

  • Sliced bell peppers (the pieces I didn’t use at breakfast)
  • Leftover ham, sliced cotswold cheese and some Crunchmaster Crackers.
  • Glass of merlot

Dinner (at another friend’s party, grazing but still not really hungry)

from redwine3

  • Red wine
  • A teacup full of blended vanilla ice cream and rum (since I’m quite prejudiced against egg nog)
  • A few stray pieces of roasted ham
  • Some Wavy Lay’s and Helluva Good onion dip.

Tuesday December 27 – Back to work! Boo!!!!!!!!!!


from runordie

  • Bowl of Bakery On Main GF granola and skim milk
  • Coffee at work


from classicenglishmovies

  • Mixed nuts, lightly salted (I keep a big jar in my desk in case those between meal hunger pangs happen)


from kopiaste

  • Simply Asian Sesame Chicken Rice Noodle Soup Bowl – It’s just like the ramen you ate in college, but with rice noodles. Picked this one up at CVS while running errands on my lunch break. Tossed in a handful of cashews. Yum


from simplyrecipes3

El Querido’s mom invited me to her house for family Christmas dinner. She makes awesome spaghetti sauce so I just bring some GF noodles and we boil them separate.

  • Sauce. No clue what she puts in the sauce. Sorry. It’s tasty, meaty, tomato-y and awesome.
  • Bionaturae gluten free rotini noodles.  Bionaturae makes their pasta from a mixture of rice, potato and soy flours and starches. It’s my favorite.
  • Salad
  • (skip the garlic bread, duh)
  • Red wine

Wednesday December 28


from runordie

  • Granola and milk again


from themusclecook

  • Mixed nuts


from easttennesseee

  • Zaxby’s plain chicken wings
  • crinkle fries
  • Zax sauce
  • Diet coke


from ispeakfoodie

  • Cut up another bell pepper and ate it raw
  • with some cheese and crackers

Not a lot of time for supper on Wednesdays since that’s trivia night. (I DJ and scorekeep for Wednesday night trivia)

At the bar, I had:

  • two Strongbow hard ciders

from strongbow

Thursday December 29


from veganyummy

  • Homemade oatmeal with apples and cinnamon (my mom bought a big thing of certifed GF rolled oats and tossed them in the food processor for me, making Instant oatmeal, then added some cinnamon and dried fruit and portioned it out in little baggies. Perfect for when I’m short on time.)
  • Coffee at work


from themusclecook

  • Mixed nuts


from myrecipes

  • Vegetable soup
  • Crunchmaster crackers

The sandwich shop in my office building has the BEST homemade soups in town and the girl who makes everything understands what gluten free means. Had a big bowl of piping hot vegetable soup and a handful of crackers I brought from home. Perfect on such a chilly day!

Dinner–Went to Moe’s!

from meatlessmonday

Art Vandalay (vegetarian) Streaker (burrito ingredients in a bowl instead of a tortilla):

  • rice
  • pinto beans
  • cheese
  • pico
  • lettuce
  • sour cream
  • guacamole
  • corn pico
  • black bean salsa
  • cucumbers
  • black olives

Of course it would have been healthier if I had skipped the corn chips, but hey, you only live once.

  • Red wine

Friday December 30


from cookingforeigners

  • WholeFoods GF Banana nut bread
  • with a dab of buttery spread

(WholeFoods company has a dedicated GF baking facility where they make and package some really awesome GF substitute foods.)


from lostinidaho

Drove through Chick-fil-a on the way to our Nearest Metropolitan City.

  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich combo without the bun
  •  upsized the diet coke
  • and the fries

(the drink was for the long drive and the extra fries were for El Querido)

 It’s a little awkward learning to eat a chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and pickles with a fork with one hand while driving, but we adapt.

from sapientology


from realhealthy

After our event in our Nearest Metropolitan City, we decided 5:30pm was a stupid time to get on the road so we wandered around and tried find somewhere to eat.

Ended up at the Fox Sports Grill (it wants to be the ESPNZone but it’s not that cool).  I ordered:

  • the house burger without the bun
  • with mozzarella and avocado
  • subbed the fries for mashed potatoes

You’re more likely to get contaminated with fried food than otherwise, since usually the fries are cooked in the same oil as the breaded things (like chicken fingers, onion rings, etc.).

Saturday December 31 – New Year’s Eve!!!


from runordie

  • GF Granola with skim milk


from wineexpedition

Had a late, post shopping lunch before heading over to El Querido’s apartment.

  •  cheese
  • Crunchmaster crackers


from simplyrecipes4

  • Sliced steak
  • sauteed bell peppers
  • half a baked potato
  • low fat ranch dressing.

NYE Party Snacks

from realsimple

  • corn chips
  • guacamole
  • chocolates
  • veggie tray (not a whole one)

And that’s how you can still eat (almost) like a normal person, even over the holidays.

suck it, gluten.

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