Celia C on Gluten Free Products

More handy info from Celia C on how to successfully live a gluten-free lifestyle.
Listen up, peoples.

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So given that a lot of gluten free substitute foods are dry goods, you can now buy a LOT of them online.

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Amazon has a good selection and there’s also http://www.celiac.com/glutenfreemall. Also, some of the brands below sell direct from their websites, in case your local stores don’t carry them.
But here’s a run down of brands that have been tried and tested by….you guessed it….me, Celia C.

Brand: Bob’s Red Mill

Available From: Kroger, Publix, health food stores & Wholefoods

from pagatim

This company has what I’ve found to be the best baking mixes around. They also sell raw flours and thickening starches (like xanthem gum).  Additionally, they have at least one farm grown oats without wheat side by side like most farms. This eliminates the Oat Drama** from my diet.

I’ve used the brownie, pancake and cornbread mixes all with wonderful results.

from realsimple

Of course I could possibly make these things from scratch using GF flours and whatnot, but I don’t bake often enough to justify the cost.

My stepmom uses the various kinds of rice flours and xanthem gum to thicken sauces and gravy.

**Oat Drama: For a long time, celiac patients were instructed to also abstain from eating oats.  Though oats do not contain gluten, they are almost always farmed, harvested and milled on the same farms and equipment as wheat, creating cross-contamination and causing reactions for many.  Bob’s Red Mill and some other outfits have responded to this by dedicating some sites and facilities to GF only farming. Definitely helps out. However, so many oat-filled products, like granola bars, etc. are still made from oats of questionable origin and should be avoided. I cheat and eat the Nature Valley Oats and Honey bars sometimes. That and a banana and you’ve got a decent gas station breakfast. Don’t judge.

Brand: Bionaturae

Available From: Wholefoods, some health food stores

from hawaiimoons

These guys make GF pasta from a mixture of rice, potato and soy flours and starches. Really good stuff.

from stellalucy

One of the issues with GF pasta, especially the ones made only from rice, is the mush factor. It’s VERY easy to overcook and the result is mushy and gross.  This brand has never let me down. I use the rotini to make pasta salad in the summer.

Brand: Udi’s

Available From: Health food stores, Kroger, Wholefoods and some Publixes

from glutenfreeworks

No WAY I’m leaving this out.

Forget “sexy” — these guys brought the sandwich back.  Their breads taste and feel and behave like regular bread. It’s a MIRACLE!

from listverse

Most GF breads have the consistency of pound cake. Gross. But this stuff is amazing. Toasted or not, it’s fantastic. Comes in white, multigrain and cinnamon raisin, all of which are excellent.  The drawback is the cost. The loaves are quite small, maybe 12 slices, smaller than regular sandwich bread and each costs at least $5, sometimes $6. So it’s not something I have the house all the time, but every now and then I treat myself to a grilled cheese or a BLT.

from grilledcheesesandwich

Udi’s pizza crusts are decent, but I’m a bad judge as I’m not a big fan of pizza at all.

The bagels are really really good. Unlike so many GF substitute products, these are LESS dense than typical bagels. This is a plus in my book as I’ve never been able to eat a whole bagel.

from germanfood

Haven’t tried the Whole Grain or Cinnamon Raisin varieties of bagel yet but I have no doubt they’re awesome.

This past summer they started selling hamburger and hot dog buns. I’ll admit, I had high hopes but I wasn’t that pleased. That said, I was never a fan of regular sandwich buns, always preferring the patty melt to the burger. Maybe it’s the onions. My dad likes these though.

I’ve had their muffins as well (chocolate and blueberry) and they were fantastic. TOTALLY bad for you, but yummy.

from belch

They also sell cookies, but I’ve never had them.

Brand: Crunchmaster

Available From: Publix, Kroger, health food stores, Sam’s Wholesale

from delightfullyglutenfree

Best GF crackers EVER.  Talk about value, the box has two big bags inside for about $7.

from glutenfreeblog

They sell some flavored ones too, but I prefer the plain ones.

Brand: Glutino

Available From: Wholefoods, health food stores, online

from adventuresofaglutenfree

Another big company making lots of GF products. Mostly convenience, packaged, snack foods, etc.

from organicity

 Their frozen pasta dinners are a no-go for me. The sauces are always WAY too watery.  The chocolate covered pretzels were really good though. Lots of different products available.

Brand: Amy’s

Available From: Kroger, Publix, other grocery stores, Wholefoods, health food stores

from prweb

Originally dedicated just to organic convenience foods, Amy’s has branched out to some GF products, most notably, macaroni and cheese. A frozen dinner, takes about five minutes total in the microwave and it is a lifesaver for me when I’m crunched for time. Very tasty, tender rice pasta that isn’t mushy and the cheese sauce is just right.

from lindasdelights

In addition to the mac and cheese, Amy’s selection of frozen meals is really good and a lot of them are GF.  If they are, it is printed in big letters on the front of the box (meaning the freezer section doors won’t fog up while you’re reading the ingredient list).

The Mexican dishes are all really good and I really like the teriyaki bowl and the blackeyed peas & veggie bowl.  Been meaning to try the Indian dishes.  My dad LOVES the pizza from this brand and all the soups I’ve tried have been great.

I’d be happy to go out on a limb and say if Amy’s makes it, you’ll like it. Good stuff.

Brand: Red Bridge

Available From: Larger Package Stores

from savors

This is just about the only really palatable GF beer I’ve found yet.  Like with bread, the first few GF beers I tried were lacking important flavors and qualities.  This one is pretty darn good.

from redbridge

If I had to compare it to an existing brand, I’d say it’s kinda like a Killian’s. Good stuff. Available in a lot of package stores right now; perhaps it will be in grocery stores soon.

suck it, gluten.

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