Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

I’m really not a meat cooker.

I grilled chicken for a living once upon a time, but let’s just say I was more concerned about food safety and lawsuits than taste.

from sirkit

Unless it’s bacon or the occasional pork tenderloin, I’m not the person you should run to for help in the Meat Department.

El Guapo, on the other hand, was Anointed By God to cook chicken.

from godvine

One time he breaded the chicken in dill, pan fried it, and  I looked at it skeptically. Then I tasted it, and it melted in my mouth.

I tried to do the same thing and ended up with a mangled, raw/blackened piece of meat that tasted like bad pickles.

from thingsweheart

So I just generally avoid it.

Oh, I’ll boil the occasional chicken for chicken salad or broil a piece of fish, but mostly I just stick to beans and vegetables and carbs and let El Guapo wrangle the animal proteins.

Then I got to thinking.

from activityvillage

Maybe frying chicken isn’t my gift, but how hard can roasting a really chicken be?

Don’t you just put it in a pan on top of some root vegetables and let it sit in the oven for a while?

I did the research. I read things by Rachael Ray,


The Barefoot Contessa,

from babble


from h3505

and Alton Brown.

from newfoodand

They mostly all said the same thing:

-Stick butter under slits in the skin.

-Make sure the guts and gizzards are out of the cavity.

-Some said to fry the guts and gizzards (I said “hell no.”)

-Stick garlic up the cavity.

-Cook with chopped root vegetables.

-Roast at 425.

Okay, so I’m thinking I can do this.

I don’t have to touch the raw chicken that much (isn’t that a horrible texture?).

from photobucket

And if I throw in some carrots and other root vegetables I’ve got a full one-dish meal.

This is sounding better and better.

So I got a chicken. $4.54. Not bad.


And I got some vegetables. And a fruit.


After I took the photo and started chopping I realized I didn’t have room in my roasting pan for the butternut, so it got left out of the final product.


Then I layered it all in the pan.

in the pan

And added the chicken.


The 2 most important things that you’re going to do to this bird are:

  1. pull those nasty bits out of the cavity
  2. slit the skin and stick butter in the slits


There’s no right or wrong amount of butter here. Well, there is such thing as too little. Don’t be afraid of the dairy fats! They are what make the skin all crispy and delicious.

I also stuck a handful of rosemary, thyme, and garlic cloves (peeled) into the cavity and laid some butter and herbs on the top of the chicken. For luck.

Then I stuck it in the oven.


Long story short, I wasn’t sure when it was done–because it looked down about half an hour before it actually was–so the One Anointed by God to Cook the Chickens helped me figure out when it was safe to eat. He even woke up from a nap to assist.

Well, I woke him up. Same thing, right?

And here’s the final product!


In addition to dinner and leftovers for the next night’s dinner I was also able to make chicken salad for lunch. Pretty good for $4.54, eh?

suck it, martha.

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2 Comments on “Roasted Chicken and Vegetables”

  1. March 21, 2012 at 3:06 pm #

    That looks good–the chicken and the veggies! I’ve roasted squash separately, but great idea to roast with the meat. I’ll have to try that.

  2. March 22, 2012 at 8:34 pm #

    Yes, roasting with the meat gives it another level of flavor…plus it’s one less dish to wash!

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