Kale & Eggs & Grits

Saturday mornings are my Zentastic, Peace-Achieving, Day-Centering Morning Time.

from jeanheydon

It’s quiet, and either freezing cold or blazing hot in El Guapo’s kitchen (okay, maybe this is what I have to overcome to achieve my zen), and I have a routine.

First I begin the coffee. No day starts without coffee.

from coolchaser

Once the bean juice is brewing I turn on Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me.

from examiner

Then I open the fridge and assess my options.

Usually I have to get creative. You can only eat scrambled egg on Nature’s Valley bread so often.

from stuffedtoyland

This morning the last thing I wanted was toast (and I love toast, so this was an odd morning). But a morning without carbs is like a morning without coffee.

from monstersarc


So I got a little creative, inspiration hit, and breakfast got delicious.

Here’s what happened. And it ended up being extra-healthy too.

Complete accident, I assure you.

To recreate my prize-fighting breakfast, you need:

  • kale
  • eggs
  • grits (not the instant kind)
  • bouillon
  • water
  • seasonings
  • cheese
  • turkey bacon (for garnish, of course)

First, figure out how much water it takes to boil grits from scratch, then add a couple of bouillon cubes.

grits water

I added 5.

While you’re waiting for the water to boil, throw some kale (more than you think you’ll need) into a skillet and sauté it until it’s wilted.


becoming wilted

Throw in some garlic for good measure.

with the garlic

Keep stirring the kale so it doesn’t burn. By now the grits water (now broth) is probably boiling.

Get out your grits.


I got mine at Nora Mill. For more information on Nora Mill, go here. It’s pretty fascinating.

Since I was only feeding 2, I made a cup of dry grits.


Add it to the boiling broth.


Stir it, then let it simmer, stirring occasionally.

At this point you need to add water to the kale to let it simmer.

Again, I’m a fan of chicken broth, so I added 2 bouillon cubes to a cup of hot water.

becoming broth

Add it to the kale. Let it simmer.


Your job for the next 10-15 minutes is just to stand there, drinking your coffee, letting the zen soak in while you occasionally stir your simmering pots. If you’re making bacon (for garnishment, of course), you could put that on to fry now.

Once the kale and grits are nearing completion, add the cheese (I used about a cup) and give it a good stir.


If the level of moisture in kale pan isn’t excessive, crack 4 eggs (again, I was feeding 2 people, increase as needed) straight into the pan.


Stick a lid on the pan so that the whites of the eggs cook well.


Give the grits another stir.


They should be almost done.

Once the eggs are to your desired firmness, remove the pan from the heat. I like eggs with a runny yolk, El Guapo doesn’t, so I took half out and let the other half cook a little bit longer.

eggs in kale

my eggs

Ideally the grits should finish up when the eggs do. Things don’t always work out perfectly however. If you’re in your zentastic place, it will all be ok.


suck it, martha.

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One Comment on “Kale & Eggs & Grits”

  1. the tailor
    March 11, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    Yum! No kale,but spinach was delish.

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