Tips & Tricks: Garden Edition

What’s crackin’, peeps?

from aeropause

It’s almost spring. And you know what that means!

Open windows.

from thejewelbox

Cutting grass.

from hffdff


from goodready

Growing things.

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So I thought I’d do a post on tips and tricks for the garden so that you can plan ahead and get a jumpstart for when the cold air goes away.

1. Make your own insecticide.

from vipdictionary

You can do this by onions and garlic to a jar of water, letting it stand for a week, then putting the mixture into a spray bottle. Smelly and effective.

2. Instead of getting special twine for tying your tomato plants, cut old tights and hose into strips.

from ttipse

They’re strong and won’t cut into the plant.

3. To collect and clean freshly cut vegetables outside, cut the bottom out of a basket and replace with wire mesh such as chicken wire.

from ledgeandgardens

You can hose off the vegetables and the dirt and bugs will slip through the mesh.

4. To make those cut daisies turn colors, make a solution of warm water and food coloring and let the ends of the stems soak for a while.

from flickr

The petals will change colors and you have a science project for the kids.

5. No room for a garden? Grow parsley by soaking a sponge in water and sprinkling with parsley bits.

from agriculturesource

Put it on a windowsill. Soon you’ll have foliage.

6. Rabbit problem?

from rabbitempire

Sprinkle the cheapest talcum powder available around your plants’ base. No more rabbits.

7.  Kill sidewalk grass by pouring boiling water on it.

from designyourway

No chemicals.

8.  Water that you’ve boiled eggs in should be poured over plants.

from fashionmeetsfood

It makes a good natural fertilizer.

9. If watering hanging plants is messy and splattery, just put some ice cubes in the pot.

from earthandstyle

They’ll melt into water.

10.  Believe it or not, you can medicate sick plants with a Tablespoon of castor oil with a water chaser.

from stevegarufi

That’s it for now. Happy planting!

suck it, martha.

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