Television Beverages

Ever notice show often your favorite TV character(s) drink? I was watching a few episodes of Burn Notice when I realized that these men drink more mojitos than any man should. Fiona just chugs a beer or five.

That got me to thinking…what other TV show characters drink an abnormal amount of one beverage?

Burn Notice: Mojitos

from comical-concept

I could use one right now, but I fear I lack in manliness.

Friends: Coffee

from glamour

They really didn’t have much time to do anything else but drink bean juice. I always wondered when they other things…like work?

Cheers: Cheap Ass Beer

from curtainsareopen

Norm didn’t get that gut by drink red wine, that’s fo sho.

Bones: Red Wine and perhaps Scotch

from netflix

After they brilliantly solve a case usually involving nothing more than a few bone shards, a fungus, and maybe an insect wing, you can typically catch the gang getting drinks at the Founding Fathers.

Glee: Slushies

from moxieq

Okay, so they don’t technically drink the slushies…..

Coupling: Red Wine and Beer

The ladies gossip about neck fat and porn tapes over the red wine:

from cockeyedcaravan

And the boys gossip about inappropriate laughter and porn tapes over the beer:

from doamw

Star Trek: Romulan Ale

from memoryalphao

Looking suspiciously like Blue Curaçao, it’s the moonshine of space. Mostly illegal, hard to come by, and promises a raging hangover.

Mad Men: Anything Alcoholic

from manzine

These lushes know how to stay soused at work.

I’d be fired.

Don’t kid yourself, you probably would be too.

Andy Griffith Show: Coffee

from torontosun

Not artisanal kind of coffee that Monica and Chandler swigged on a daily basis. I’m thinking Andy and Barn topped out at Maxwell House.

Andy Griffith Show: Moonshine

from guyism

Hey, this show wasn’t all sweet tea and cornbread. There’s drunk and there’s Otis-Campbell-drunk-on-any-given-weekend. He even had his own set of keys to the jail.

Since Mayberry was in a dry county, you wondered where Otis got his shine after those cute old ladies got busted.

The bigger question is why no one got him help.

Damages: Bourbon

from thebestofalex

If I had her job I’d drink straight liquor each night too.

Supernatural: Any kind of beer

from caffeinekitty

Nothing like a cold brewski with your brother after a hard day of demon-fighting.

(I’m a little jealous of that bottle.)

The Drew Carey Show: Buzz Beer

from media

Half beer, half coffee. All bad.

According to Lewis in the show, “the combination of caffeine and alcohol should be more addictive than heroin, but so far sales haven’t borne that out”.

suck it, martha.

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2 Comments on “Television Beverages”

  1. March 19, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

    On Star Trek, everyone has their own signature drink. McCoy drinks Saurian brandy (and mint juleps on special occassions), Chekov has vodka, Scotty has scotch (of course), and Spock drinks Altair water. Also, on MASH, everyone drinks gin from a MacGyver’d still.

  2. March 20, 2012 at 10:01 pm #

    I’d forgotten about the gin on MASH! Thanks for the reminder. And maybe I should dedicate a whole post to Star Trek’s eating and drinking habits, eh?

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