12 Natural Headache Remedies

Hello, my name is Captain Anna, and I get headaches.

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I don’t know about you, but the idea of slugging medication every time I get a headache doesn’t appeal to me. Natural remedies seem like a much better idea.

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I’m not a hippie snake oil peddler, folks, and yes, I do take regular showers and eat processed food on occasion.

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But I believe that there is is something to avoiding medication when possible. Now when I take an Advil, I only have to take 1, not 4, because my body isn’t immune to it’s effects.

Also, I saw an episode of Three Rivers (a failed medical drama about a transplant hospital, starring Katherine Moennig, who isn’t convincing as a surgeon),

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where a cheerleader took too much Ibuprofen and her liver failed and she died.

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After seeing that, I read the warning label on the OTC pain meds, and yep, liver failure is certainly possible.

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See? TV can be educational.

So here’s what’s in my back pocket as far as headache remedies goes. Keep in mind that headaches are caused by different things, and that you may have to try a few, or a combination.

1. Cut a lime in half and rub it on your forehead and temples.

from whenyouaresick

Best part is, you smell like a margarita.

2. Drink a glass of water.

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Seems simple an logical, but sometimes you’re just dehydrated.

3. Eat an apple (or other piece of fruit).

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It might be a sugar problem.

Candy bars don’t work the same way. Don’t even try to rationalize that, ok?

4. Rub peppermint essential oil on your forehead and temples.

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Essential oils are marvelous for a variety of reasons. Just make sure you don’t get any into your eyes or that wonderful “cooling effect” will become a painful blizzard driving into your retinas.

5. Rub lavender essential oil on your forehead and temples.

from revitaliseyourhealth

It’s especially great for sinus headaches, and smells nice and soothing as well.

6. Place a wet, cool washcloth on your forehead and a wet, cool, rolled up towel under your head and neck.

from stitchesofviolet

Sometimes the cool and pressure can offer relief.

7. Rub the pressure point on your hand connected to the head and neck. It’s that fleshy part where the thumb connects to the rest of your hand.

Below is a picture of someone putting pressure on that point.

from badmartialarts

Make sure you concentrate on the inside of your hand, where the muscle is. If it hurts when you put pressure on it, you’ve found your headache. Gently rub until the pain lessens (both in your hand and your head).

It actually works better when someone else does it to you, otherwise your rubbing hand gets tense and tightens up.

8. Rub the pressure point on your feet connected to the head and neck, the same as you would rub your hands.

from carolinecain

Concentrate on the area where the dots are, but rub all the way up and down your big toes (including the tips).

9. Massage your head.

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It seems cliche–after all, rubbing your temples is to headaches what clutching your throat is to choking. But if you’re mindful and listen to your body while you massage your head, you might find which set of muscles is hurting.

10. Magnesium can help relive headaches. You can get magnesium powder (or capsules) at your local health food store. Simply dissolve a spoonful in a glass of water; it immediately begins to relax your muscles and release tension.

from drugstore

El Guapo and I both like the lemon flavor. I got a giant tub of the orange flavor and wish I had gotten the lemon.

Oh well, live and learn and slug down fake orange flavor.

11. Wash dishes.

from rtumasonyte

It sounds like the last thing you’d want to do with a headache, but the warm water draws the blood down and away from your head. Plus you can check dishes off your chore list.

12. Take a hot bath.

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It does the same thing as washing dishes, but is less productive and more relaxing.

If none of these help, of course consult a healthcare professional. Try chiropractic or acupuncture!

suck it, martha.

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