Something Quick (for dinner)

Sometimes it’s all I can do to come home from work, throw a bag of Steam Fresh veggies in the microwave, put some pasta on to boil, and heat up some Bertolli 4 Cheese Rosa straight from the can.

Eh, what can I say? It’s the truth.

from dogsinthenews

But then there are the days when facing another can of Bertolli 4 Cheese Rosa seems unbearable and you’d rather just not eat, and you never not eat, but really, when looking that light orange canned sauce, not eating seems like a good idea.

from reewrite

Well, I recently had this crisis, and you’re not alone, kids.

And I stepped up to the challenge and solved it, by golly.

from ellen

It’s easy, quicker than boiling pasta, leaves fewer dishes to do, and is way better for you than processed cream sauce.


…the toaster sandwich.


from ellen

Don’t close out your browser tab in disgust. Give me a chance.

It passed “I ate it 2 times in a row” test and the El Guapo test.

This is a winner.

from cracked

Get a bagel. I recommend everything bagels. The name says it all.

everything bagel

Lay each side flat and toast it just a little.

toast it

Once a nice toast has been achieved, layer sliced turkey, munster cheese, and sliced red onion on the bottom half. Repeat as needed.

turkey, cheese, onion

Toast until the cheese is brownish and bubbly and the onions aren’t raw anymore (nobody wants to kiss you if you eat raw onions).


Add some suspicious looking avocado for nutrition.


Smush together, and eat.

suck it, martha.

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