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Things I Like: XI (Chairs!)

There are anime nerds. And video game nerds. And science nerds. (or do they prefer “geeks”?) And trivia nerds. Don’t forget your general all-around nerds. While I dabble in a few other nerd brackets, I’m unabashedly a chair nerd. When I was in college, one of my favorite courses was History of the Decorative Arts, […]

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How to Make a Pillow

I have a thing for stripes. Any kind of stripes. Bold. Beautiful. Pin. Navajo. Nautical. Tiger. (okay, not really, but War Damn Eagle, y’all) I even like the stripes on baby blankets. So when I tell you that I’m planning a stripes-only quilt you shouldn’t be too surprised. I was recently in a fabric store […]

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Raspberry Jam

Summer is so close you can smell it. You know what summer means? Mosquitos, watermelons, and fashion faux pas. Heaps of ’em. Rising temperatures means rising pant legs. Capris, clam diggers, khaki shorts, and (my fave) jean shorts. Jean shorts means you get to see 80% of too many people’s legs. 100% on a special […]

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