Bugs Be Gone, Part 2

Bugs don’t just attack you when you’re outside.

from starship

No, unfortunately bugs also like to come inside and torture you.

from umn

Okay, so the torture is mostly mental, but I consider it horrible torture nonetheless.

Here in the South, having roaches in the house doesn’t mean that you live in filth or that your maid had the day off.

I’ll betcha even the governor has roaches.

from wiki

There is good news: you can declare war on the bugs while saying “no” to chemicals.

For Roaches

from orkin

1. Make a catnip tea and spray around affected areas. Roaches hate catnip.

2. Combine borax and diatomaceous earth; spread around as many perimeters as possible.

This includes behind appliances and in every corner of your kitchen cabinets.

3. Spread bay leaves or garlic around the affected areas.

They hate ’em.

4. Fill a spray bottle with water and Dawn dish soap. Spraying the roaches with this will kill them.

Interesting Fact: if you draw a circle around a roach with Dawn, it’s stuck. This could be helpful in urgent situations when you need to immediately secure your premises.

5. Spread boric acid on the tops of your cabinets. It’s harmful for people, so don’t put it anywhere else.

6. Make a mixture of equal parts baking soda and powdered sugar. Spread around affected area.

For Ants

from orkin

1. If you know where they’re coming in from, block their entry by laying something they will not cross in the way. Try:

  • vinegar
  • coffee grounds
  • cayenne pepper
  • cinnamon
  • a string or piece of yarn soaked in orange oil
  • lemon juice

2. Natural deterrents of ants include:

  • sliced garlic
  • cloves
  • talcum powder
  • mint leaves
  • chalk
  • sliced cucumber
  • powdered charcoal
  • bone meal

3. The borax/diatomaceous earth mix will work for ants as well.

4. Spraying ants with soapy water kills them as well.

5. To stop them before they even come in, grow a plant barrier around your house . Ants don’t like spearmint, peppermint, or pennyroyal.

6. For outdoor fire ants, sprinkle dry instant grits all over the mound just before a rain. The worker ants will take some back to the queen, and when it rains, she’ll drink and the grits will…expand.

She’ll burst. And when the queen’s gone, the rest of the colony is doomed.

For Flies

from maricopa

1. Sprinkle mint leaves throughout affected areas as a deterrent.

2. Make a spray of water and eucalyptus oil. Spritz air and affected areas.

3. Tie bay leaves, cloves, garlic, or  eucalyptus in a piece of cheesecloth and hang in open windows.

4. Grow sweet basil or clover in your window or around the periphery of your house.

5. Fruit flies love wine–especially white wine. Fill a small dish with cheap ol’ white wine and mix in some detergent. They’ll never know what hit them.

These are just a few insects and few natural solutions. If you know of more, please post in the comments!

Good luck, fellow Bug Battlers.

from wiki

suck it, martha.

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