Things I Like: XII

Oh, so sharing-y.

Burlesque Cushion Cover: Peaches

from dupenny

Not for the traditionalist’s home.

My favorite part is the dangling Titty Tassle you can just barely see.

Sweet Tea Set

from fab

Designed by Price and Kensington. The teapot shaped saucers are a little much for me–but they’re TARDIS BLUE!

Twig Terranium

from fab

If an actual dog or cat is too much work and a Pet Rock seems lame (it is), moss is obviously the happy medium here.


It’s made even better by inserting a tiny little human figurine. Sort of like a pet and art all in one.

And I’m sorely tempted to make one of my own.


Duell Coin Bank

from momastore

If I was a mother, I would get this for my kid. I love how visual it is.

The irony is that it’s $48.


from fastmac

Never monopolize a socket for iPod charging again!

It’s simple. It’s brilliant. And it’s (allegedly) easy to install.

Touch Up and Go Iron

form buysunbeamiron

El Guapo is an iron-er.

I am not.

I once tried to help him out by ironing his shirt for him–

–and it actually took longer to iron out what I did to that shirt than it would have if he just did it.

Point being–this would be a good stocking stuffer for him. Not me. I’d probably lop off a sleeve or something with all that concentrated heat.

Jaime Murray

Jaime Murray

Dear TV,

Please stop killing Jaime Murray. You’ve done this took many times (anybody watch Dexter?).

I think she and Agent Myka Bering might have had something special together, but you had to go and blow her up. (*spoilers*)

No love here,


suck it, martha

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