Elvis’ Spanish Omelet

El Guapo and I just took a trip to Memphis, where the blues are hot,

from memphismagazine

the BBQ is smoky,

from biteofthebest

the Piggly Wiggly was born,

The Pig

and The King lived and died.

from musicalbites

Actually, forget everything else, all of Memphis is like a shrine to Elvis.

from allanfurtado

Even the Days Inn we stayed at had Elvis all over the walls, a guitar shaped pool, and Elvis music piped everywhere all the time.

It was kind of great.

So this week, in honor of our trip to Elvis Land, we’re about to celebrate THREE WEEKS OF ELVIS!

from upsetmag

(betcha didn’t see that one coming)

Yep, the next three weeks here at Suck It, Martha, are all about the King.

One of the places we visited in Memphis was Graceland (aka Mecca).


Our friend Tammy went with us, and she got pretty emotional at Graceland. I think she still has a thing for Elvis.

After visiting Graceland, I may have a thing for Elvis now, too.

Elvis was a stud.

from thefrisky

Anyways, Graceland was better than what everyone says.

We got to see the longest couch I’ve ever seen in Elvis’ living room,

Living Room

his kitchen, which was carpeted (which seems like an all-around bad idea to me),


The World Famous Jungle Room,

The Jungle Room

his TV room, where he could watch 3 TVs at the same time,

TV Room

The TV Room Bar

and the pool room, which had 350 yards of fabric pleated on the ceiling and walls.

Pool Room

Pool Room Ceiling

However, one of my favorite parts of Graceland was the gift shop.

Don’t laugh.

I was browsing the wares in the gift shop when I found a gem: postcards with Elvis’ favorite recipes on them. I figured, what the hell. Let’s eat like The King for a week.

Today I made an Elvis breakfast: a Spanish Omelet.

Elvis and his Spanish Omelet

Look at those smoldering eyes.

I wanted to make sure that what I made was exactly like what Elvis ate, so I didn’t change a thing. Except that I halved the recipe, because that’s a lot of egg.

First, I gathered the vegetables.

the veggies

Then I chopped 1/4 cup each of onions and green bell pepper.


Then I measured out 1/4 cup of cheddar cheese.

with cheese

I got 2 eggs,


and cracked them in a bowl.


I whisked the cheese and veggies into the eggs, along with some salt & pepper,



buttered a skillet,


and poured in the mixture.

in the skillet

I flipped it about 3 minutes in, and cooked the underside another minute.

Then I put it on a plate.


I figured that Elvis probably cut up some avocado and added some extra cheese, so I did too.


It was pretty good. I’d probably add chiles or mushrooms next time, though.

suck it, martha.

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