Meatballs & Bacon a la Elvis

When El Guapo, Tammy, and I were in Memphis, we went to this great little restaurant called Itta Bena. Well, El Guapo and I did. Tammy chose to go somewhere else. I’ll let her tell you about that later.

So this restaurant.

It’s above B.B. King’s club on Beale Street, and if you don’t know exactly where you’re going, you’ll never find it.

from tnvacation

There’s no signage. Anywhere.

You go up a flight of unmarked stairs,

from loftstairz

then through an unmarked door,

from unmarkeddor

and into a darkened room.

Inside this darkened room, you can see the bar and some tables, lit by soft, indirect lighting.

from lesein

The sound of sultry music pulls you down the hall towards the hostess stand.

from rambleshpere

You’re seated in the semi dark dining area. There’s a candle at your table.

from shutterstock

The wine is poured, and the soft-spoken server answers all your questions, and yes, he recommends the soup as an appetizer before the entree. Both soups are good, really, but the She-Crab Soup, oh that’s the best, he says.

So you order some She-Crab Soup. Maybe one of you orders the Mushroom Bisque, just to try it out.

The soup arrives.

from sxc

It’s hot and fragrant, and you burn your tongue a little on the first bite because it smells so good you can’t wait for it to cool.


from fox4kc

I can’t even begin to explain how good this soup was.

El Guapo ordered the She-Crab Soup and I had the Mushroom Bisque, and I’m pretty sure neither of us would have traded.

from mistakesaregoodies

Guys, we were making sex noises at this soup.

When the bowls were empty, we longingly looked at their barrenness and briefly considered licking the inside for any remnant–but then we realized that the only appropriate place to do that is nowhere and this was a fancy joint.

from wiki

The entrees came shortly after the soup was gone. El Guapo dug heartily into his duck & waffles (which revolutionized the way I now look at both duck and waffles), but I could barely look at my scallops & grits.

The soup was so good.

And it was over.

from abranchinthevine

I took a tiny bite of scallop.

It was good. Really good. But it was no Mushroom Bisque.

I ate a few more bites, but that bisque was filling and the memory lingered on. I don’t think El Guapo finished his entree either.

We are now spoiled for all other soups.

from miloedwards

But soup isn’t the only appetizer out there, guys. It’s Elvis week here at Suck It, Martha, and Elvis had a few favorites himself.

One those favorites is Meatballs & Bacon.

Elvis and Meatballs & Bacon

It’s not Mushroom Bisque, but it’s hella good.

First, get a pound of ground meat.

Ground meat

Put it in a bowl.

meat in a bowl

Mix in 1 T salt, 1 T pepper,

s & p

and 2 T Worcestershire sauce.


Mix it with your hands (gross), and shape it into balls.


Now this is the most important part.

Wrap the meat in half a strip of bacon, and secure with a toothpick.

wrap with bacon

Put them in a frying pan in some hot oil.


They should begin to look like this:

well, not that yellow

When the meat is fully cooked, remove from the pan. Carefully.


They were okay. They could have been better, I think, with less salt, some spicier pepper, and maybe some onions and garlic in the meat. But then they wouldn’t be Elvis Meatballs, would they?

suck it, martha.

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