Sweet Potato Pie, Elvis Style

When we were in Memphis, El Guapo, Tammy, and I went to the Pink Palace museum.

You may remember that the Pink Palace museum is the home of Piggly Wiggly replica.

The Pig

Well, it’s also home to the Clyde Parke Miniature Circus.

the circus

It’s an enormous, hand-carved, complete circus, begun in the Depression when Clyde Park found himself out of work.

animal cages

The circus is 15 feet long, and each of the 1500 hand-carved people is the size of my thumb.


For 30 years, Parke worked 18 hours a day on this circus.

caged animal

The most amazing part of this is that Parke animated 98% of the circus.

cart on a track

The circus is beautiful. We could have spent the entire day looking at the hot dog carts, animals, wagons, concession stands, dressing rooms, and sideshows.

hot dog stand and concessions

Fairs and circuses always remind me of corn dogs,

from pleatedjeans

funnel cakes,

from thepioneerwoman


from tburgminigolf

and pie contests.

from pennlive

While this pie probably won’t win a contest, it does remind me of autumn.

And it’s Elvis’ very own recipe.

from oldrecordclub

Win-win, right?

Sweet Potato Pie

First, bake your 2 large sweet potatoes.

sweet potatoes

When they are tender and the skin can be easily peeled off, remove from the oven.

While they cool, combine 1 1/2 cups of sugar and 3 eggs in a bowl.

sugar & eggs

Add 1 stick of softened butter,


1 Tablespoon of both vanilla and nutmeg,

vanilla and nutmeg

and 1/2 cup of milk.


Add the peeled sweet potatoes and mix.

peeling sweet potatoes

in the bowl


Grab a frozen pie shell. Well, grab 2, since they come in packs of 2 and you’re about to make 2 pies.


Pour the filling into the shells.

filled shells

Bake for 50 minutes at 350.


Serve. Try to only eat one piece.

pie goodness

Verdict: outstanding.

suck it, martha.

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