Presto Pesto!

Fall is drawing near, and gardens are starting to eek out their last bounty of summer.

from rootcellarsrock

Luckily, even though my yard is too sunless to sustain food-bearing crops, I have a coworker who has what she fondly calls a “crop-circle”  that generates pounds of peppers and herbage.

from careltongarden

Even more luckily, she shares her harvest with me.

from studyprof

Most recently I was given a plethora of fresh basil and enough peppers to make Peter Piper perfectly and pleasantly pleased.

Sorry. I couldn’t stop.

from westyleny

Anyways, I figured that there was no way I could cook enough chicken and pasta over the next few days to use the basil so I opted for the obvious option: pesto.

I gathered up the piles of basil, rinsed it, and picked the leaves off.

from thoughtfulkitchen

Then I put it all in my trusty food processor.

in the food processor

I added two handfuls of walnuts (pine nuts are ridiculously expensive and walnuts are chock full of Omega somethings),


and a huge scoop of garlic.

with garlic

Then I closed up the food processor and added olive oil as I pulsed.

adding olive oil

I also added my super-secret-special ingredient: white wine.

the cheap stuff

I wanted a nice, fluid end result, so I needed more liquid.

dry and mealy

Lots more liquid.

I never measured how much wine and oil I added–just until I got the consistency I wanted. Great pesto is not about measuring things–it’s about guts and noses.

Go ahead–give it a sniff and a taste.

When it becomes the perfect texture and flavor for you, you’re done!

good texture

Now I’m not going to eat a pound of pesto in a weekend. Nope, not even close.

So I put about 1/2 of the pesto in an ice cube tray so I could pop it into the freezer and have perfect portions.

ready to freeze

I also had a huge amount of peppers from the same crop-circle, and I decided to spice up the remaining pesto.

I grabbed some colorful ones,


and threw them into the food processor.

in the processor

After a couple of pulses, it was ready to freeze the same way.


ready to freeze

I popped them into the freezer for a few hours, and when it was frozed all solid, I put them into 2 freezer bags–one for regular, one for spicy.

presto pesto

Now I can have garden fresh pesto whenever I want.

suck it, martha.

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