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CHEG Salad

Thanksgiving is behind us, and in the American tradition, we all ate too much and are probably (still) uncomfortably full. Leftovers, dudes. Too many leftovers. And yet I find myself dragging my distended stomach to the fridge to take a peek at the leftovers–just for curiosity’s sake, of course. Inevitably I end up on the […]

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One Million Times: Movies

I grew up thinking that Cary Grant and Gregory Peck were the studly-est of studs, Audrey Hepburn was the most gracious person in the world, Hitchcock was brilliant, Gary Cooper really was a cowboy, Katherine Hepburn was the ultimate feminist, and that I could commit thievery way smoother than The Apple Dumpling Gang. So when […]

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Feta, Red Pepper, and Basil Muffins

The Tailor and I have coffee together almost every day. We meet pretty early in the morning–precaffeine, of course– and sleepily begin our day over way-too-hot coffee and a very small local newspaper. Over the years, we’ve introduced each other to different things. I now know all the words to “My Best Friend Barbara” and […]

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